Systems Consultant

Seeing patterns in the system that improve performance.

As a systems consultant, I use the principles of systems thinking and systemic constellations to help clients design and implement new systems, reengineer systems that are not optimized or transition old systems to their final resting place. As individuals, we belong to many different systems. The definition of system includes a relationship like a marriage, a family, an organization or a team.

Every system has patterns. Language like “I’m stuck, we’re stuck, nothing is happening here, the same thing keeps happening, I am lost in a repeating pattern, this program should be working better or this team should have more victories,” are all words of a system in need of assistance. Using systems thinking and the mapping skills of systemic constellations, I help hidden patterns become visible so that balance is restored and performance is maximized.

Some of the ways we have applied systems thinking and systemic constellations to maximize results and return on investment include:

  • Organizational re-designs (examples: HR transformations, implementation of new strategies)
  • Coaching individuals
  • Working with teams
  • Shadowing other consultants on large projects on behalf of the client to fill previously unseen holes that may be detrimental to implementation and performance
  • Compliance program design and implementation
  • Compliance program audits

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