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Dr. Tomi Bryan is trained in many healing modalities that help her clients break through limitations to reach new levels of performance, satisfaction, abundance and joy! Dr. Bryan uses the principles of systems thinking and system dynamics to help clients move past perceived limitations, family stories and childhood hurts to design and implement new systems, reengineer systems that are not optimized or transition old systems to their final resting place. Examples of systems include friendships, a family, marriage, an organization or a team. The services Dr. Bryan offers include:

  • Family Dynamics Coaching (resolve family dysfunction and regain harmony)
  • Organizational Dynamics Coaching (find the root cause of ongoing problems within the organization or a team)
  • Career Mapping (gain insight into important next steps of your career)
  • Past Life Regression Coaching
  • Soul Coaching

Every system has patterns. Language like “I’m stuck, we’re stuck, nothing is happening here, the same thing keeps happening, I am lost in a repeating pattern, this program should be working better or this team should have more victories, ” are all words of a system in need of attention. Using systems thinking and the mapping skills of systemic dynamics, Dr. Bryan helps hidden patterns become visible so that balance is restored and performance is maximized.

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